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The Burnout Struggle is Real

This is a follow up to the Summer Time & Self Care” episode because the struggle with burnout, self-care, focus, productivity, stress and creativity is real. 

In this episode, in addition to recognizing burnout and struggles with creativity and productivity I share 3 strategies I have been using to be productive and build more self care into my routine. 

3 Productivity & Self Care Strategies

Here are the 3 strategies that I’ve been using, re-learning, reactivating to be productive but ensure self care:

  1. Pay attention to when you’re most productive. 
  2. Now that you’ve identified your most focused/productive time. Block it. Protect it. Consider using the “Do No Disturb” function on your phone. During this time I refused to be distracted by text, alerts and calls and won’t attend to those after my focus time. DND – this is your friend.
  3. The opposite of that is – put an end to your day. This is really really important especially if you’re like me working from home. Depending on your work hours this may look very different. The bottom line put an end to the work day to rest.  


The Neuroscience of Work-From-Home Productivity – great video with tips to “trick” the brain about being productive at home.

Hero On a Mission – The planner is great. I use this to help me focus on the things I need to do in that 3 hour window and my overall day.

5 Things to Improve Your Focus

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