Caribbean Culture:Life not Trend

Alissa Jacques Shari Stiell Quashie of Shuga N Spice Magazine on Caribbean Culture is life not trend

“Caribbean culture is popping…Caribbean culture is it right now”

In this episode, founders of Shuga N Spice Magazine – Alissa Jacques and Shari Stiell-Quashie, talk about Caribbean Culture in main stream; starting a print magazine in a world that’s going digital and the future of Caribbean culture.


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Mentioned in this episode:

Shuga N Spice Update:

Shari & Alissa have pitched a panel for SXSW, here’s the short overview:

Nuance is the New Audience will explore how to build deeper connections with multicultural consumers by tapping into the subtleties of their individual cultures. This panel will explore how this audience is changing the media landscape, why culturally aligned platforms and investments matter and how content creators and advertisers can tap into opportunities within these underserved markets.

You can support the Shari & Alissa by clicking this link to vote for their panel:  http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/87112


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