From makeup artist to #utilitybae with Renee Baptiste on Carry On Friends the Caribbean American Podcast

From Makeup Artist to #Utilitybae with Renee Baptiste

Photo credit for cover photo of Renee: Newsday/David L. Pokress


When I met Renee 4 years ago, she was a make up artist. She was on set of photoshoots and she was a beauty contributor for a digital magazine. I also interviewed Renee as part of a 2015 Caribbean Heritage Month Series.

This episode is the Career Change Story of how Renee Baptiste went from being a professional Make-up Artist to working in the utility industry and creating the platform #UtilityBae for women working in construction, utilities and energy.


Renee Baptiste from Makeup Artist to UtilityBae

Episode highlights

  • Renee was a make-up artist for 9 years. She wanted to make a transition because her career not going in the direction she wanted.
  • She made an assessment and realized that her career wasn’t going to get her to her long-term dreams and goals.
  • URGENT program stands for Utility Readiness For Gaining Employment for Non Traditionals. It is a workforce development program for women to gain skills in the utility industry.



Ideal job checklist

Evaluating your career & opportunities

Renee was also featured in Newsday’s article: Retraining programs aid LI workers in jobs at risk of automation


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