Chonixx: 5 Career & Business Tips from His Chronology Album

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Chronixx: A Young Great

Reggae artist Chronixx is considered one of the young greats, quickly rising to the notoriety of Marley, without the Marley name attached to his brand. Not only has he grown from a musical perspective, but his brand has taken on a whole new movement that is influencing a new generation of reggae lovers. The recent launch of his Chronology album is evident that Chronixx and his team are razor focused on bringing quality through creative alignment on the album and in the marketing.

Music is at the heart of Caribbean culture. It permeates our souls, inspires us in a soothing and vibrant way. Music can also motivate us if we listen and take in all the elements music offers not just from listening, but taking a step back to understand the entire process.

If  you haven’t heard the album, read and listen with open ears and eyes. If you’ve listened to the album, I guarantee you will listen with new perspective after reading the 5 tips you can take away from Chronology.

1. Be Authentic

Chronixx stays through to his roots. The music is definitely a progression from his Dread & Terrible album, but he remains true to reggae and his sound. His signature tone never fades even as he tries new sounds.

Being authentic doesn’t mean you don’t grow. For every career path or business venture there is a core value system. Being authentic means staying true to the values you built your foundation on in the first place. Define what is authentic to you and grow from there.

2. Tek Yuh Time

Chronixx took his time to release this album. From the album concept to the tracklisting, you can tell it was very well thought out. The album’s marketing and promotions aligned with the release and tour to extend the reach of the album. There’s a reason you feel like Chronixx is everywhere, from GQ magazine video, free performances etc. it’s all planned.

Take your time and be strategic with your our career or business. In today’s landscape you may feel like you have to do everything all the time, but there’s a reason why successful people plan and execute in sprints. There will be times where you just need to sit still to create a solid plan and take your time to execute. It’s not just about the now, it’s also about having a long-term vision.

Chronixx with audience

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3. Staying true to your audience

Chronixx really tapped into his audience with this album. As his fan base grows so does his music. He incorporated a little dancehall with “Likes” a pop influence with “I Can” and black empowerment with “Black is Beautiful” and the universal Marley-esque sound of the remastered “Smile Jamaica”.

As an entrepreneur, knowing what your audience wants allows you to create products or services that fit their needs. It also helps you develop a better plan of action around how to market those products and services. As a career person understand what your boss or organization needs and figure out how you contribute to the bigger picture. Your “audience” can be your colleagues, clients, vendors or consumers depending on industry, be sure you understand who you are working with so that you can execute in a way that resonates.

4. Level up

If you have been a fan of Chronixx’s music from the beginning you can recognize growth on this album’s sound and him as an artist.  Leveling up just means to grow. Growth comes from within, it’s a natural progression in a new direction. Embrace change and personal growth.

5. Promote

Chronixx has done a great job not only promoting his album, not just talking about the album but by showing himself as an artist. He’s bringing fans and lovers of reggae music into his world by showing more by participating in videos that showcase his lifestyle; cooking, being a rasta, freestyling over hip hop, giving the masses a history of reggae music have all circulated prior and post release of this album.  

Promote your business and career growth. Document your journey, even if you’re not ready to share it you keep archives for when you’re ready to share.

At the end of the day people don’t just buy products or services, they buy the value of what you bring to the table through your products and services.

Mikelah Rose

Mikelah is a Digital Marketing professional and Caribbean Culture expert, curating the bridge between the Caribbean and its diaspora. A CUNY Baruch College graduate with a BBA in Marketing. With previous experience with Caribbean lifestyle brands such as VP Records, Tempo TV and JAMROCK Magazine. Currently serving as a digital marketing maven by day, while continuing to collaborate with Caribbean brands.