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COF 018: 5 Tips for Managing Your Career

5 Tips For Managing Your Career

Take your career to the next level with these 5 Tips for Managing Your Career.

After focusing on entrepreneurs and side-hustles we didn’t want to level out members of our community who are focused on their careers. In this episode we offer tips and resources that will help you develop your career.


1. Quarterly Resume Update

Don’t wait until you’re job hunting to update your resume. Emotions are too high and as such you’re not thinking clearly whether you were let go or you’re looking because you had enough of a situation, you’re being driven by emotions that don’t always allow you the clarity and focus to help you write a document that is so critical.

Create a calendar entry called “Career Audit: resume update” and set it to recur for every 3 months.


2. Audit & Analysis

The purpose of a career audit to evaluate and improve. A quarterly update isn’t just for in the event you need to switch jobs quickly but it’s also a good indication of where you are in your career and is the perfect starting point to conduct a career audit.

List the skills and experiences you currently have then list the skills and experiences you want to have. Next, reconcile where you are now compared to where you want to be. Determine the steps you need to take to get there. Do you need to take a course? Do you need to take on more stretch assignments at work?

3. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments.

It’s a numbers game and resumes are no different. It’s also important to keep track because resumes should be accomplishments focused as opposed to task focused. Potential employers want to see proof of what you can do by highlighting the results that you’ve created. To track your accomplishments, make note of the “before”, what you did, what the results of what you did it – the impact. Think of numbers whether in percentages, or dollar amount and be prepared to show how you arrive at those numbers.

Writing down your accomplishments as it happens helps you and makes it easier to do your quarterly resume update.

4. Join a Professional Association

Great for networking but also to develop new skills.  Be active and join a committee – you can learn leadership skills.

5. Invest in Yourself

You must invest in yourself and never stop learning. There are lots of ways you can learn including MOOCs and my favorite,



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