Andrew Joseph on Carry On Friends

Capitalizing on the Demand for Caribbean Content

Trinidad and Tobago’s Andrew Joseph of Great Things Caribbean Limited joins me on the latest episode of Carry On Friends. We talk about his work in developing the film and television industry throughout the Caribbean and its diaspora. Andrew is a documentary filmmaker, writer, business developer and business analyst.

Andrew’s dedication to telling the Caribbean story from an authentic Caribbean perspective is seen through his business. Great Things Caribbean Limited, also known as GT Network, is a media company showcasing the Caribbean and its diaspora through television series, short films, feature films, reality series and documentaries. Their team comprises individuals from both across the Caribbean and in the US to ensure a diversity of Caribbean perspectives.

We discuss the demand for Caribbean content in foreign countries. He believes that the story of Caribbean elements, such as wining, is in demand across the world as people are interested in learning their origins. Additionally, many other countries identify with Caribbean experiences and culture so they relate to the content in some way. Andrew adds that even where demand isn’t high, content creators must assert themselves and create what they believe people need.

Andrew and I discuss profitability of Caribbean content and Andrew shares some advice on this. He encourages fellow content creators not to wait on funding, but to first invest in themselves. Also, he says we must develop a mentality of going for what we believe in. 

One of the biggest takeaways from our conversation is the need for others to support Caribbean media houses like GT Network and Breadfruit Media in order for us to grow. This is especially important as we compete with major media platforms for visibility.

Key Points

  • Andrew Joseph works to develop the film and television industry throughout the Caribbean and its diaspora. 
  • He believes that there is a demand for Caribbean content internationally due to curiosity in Caribbean elements and the relatability of our experiences. 
  • We discuss the profitability of Caribbean content and Andrew provides advice on this.
  • Caribbean media houses need the support in order to grow and be able to compete with major distribution platforms.

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