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How I Set Mega Goals

It’s coming to the end of January 2017 and everyone is on their New Year, new me flip! I don’t do resolutions but I do goals. I think setting goals is the only way you can be pushed in the right direction for your life.

Of course we all have heard about SMART goals and gotten tons of advice on how to set these goals. However, how come so many of us still are stuck in blocks of this thing called life?

I was talking to one of my friends, who will remain nameless, and he’s in this exact situation. He’s in Grad school and has no zeal to finish his thesis and get out! He said to me “I need purpose. I think I need a change of scenery”.


So that’s where I am going to start!

What’s The Reason

Having a REASON why you want to achieve certain goals is the first step in actually achieving them. So instead of saying “I want to have a profitable business”, tell me why.  What does having a profitable business mean to you, what does having a profitable business look like? Will you get to travel all over the world? Will you get to finally leave the job that you hate? Will you get to spend more time with your family? Why do you want to have a profitable business? Figure this out first then attack those goals with FULL force and knock them out the park!

Accountability Women of Color Working Together Setting Mega Goals

Accountability Rules

The second step is having an accountability partner. Listen to me, you don’t need just ANY accountability partner, you need one who is not full of SHIT…… Pardon my French! I want you to have the most BADASS person telling you when you are slacking, when you are being a “mama’s boy” and celebrating with you when you actually did conquer those goals.

Now I am not just talking by guess, I am talking from experience. I had an accountability partner for about a month now and I got my ass shook! I stayed WOKE and HUNGRY for the entire month of January, so much so that I cannot wait to see what happens for the rest of the year. It’s about to be LIT!

Keep the End in Mind

The third step is keeping the end in mind; this means NO MEDICORE, NO LUKE WARM GOALS!  Do you want to be the next Soca Star? Do you want to vacation in Maldives? Do you want to be the next president of the free world? Well Ok then…..Let’s GET IT! I want you to think LARGE and IN CHARGE with your goals. Go out and price the cost of the trip to Maldives, find out what courses President Obama took in college (he will always be my president). In essence, you cannot go somewhere, without knowing EXACTLY where you are going. So this has to be CRYSTAL clear, this is different from your reason, it puts the numbers behind the reason, so you will know what you are working with and towards!

Woman of Color Looking Up with the end in mind after she set mega goals


The final step is that you should not be hard on yourself, its only January….

January was the start; February can be the REAL DEAL.  So don’t get too stressed if you aren’t a millionaire by January 31st, its ok. You will still be able to accomplish a lot, if you get it in NOW.

With love and hustle


Ameniki Omotola

Also known as “Trinidad Mogulista”, Ameniki Omotola is an aspiring creative Entrepreneur with the vision and goal to help other “Moguls” and “Mogulistas” realize their business potential and thrive in the small business market through her online TrinidadMogulista.com platform. Ameniki is determined to help Small Creative Business owners from Trinidad and Tobacco and all corners of the globe overcome their obstacles and come-up together with real solutions concerning their online creative business strategy from the moment they launch their business to being mentioned in the prestigious Forbes list.