Episode COF 001: 4 Steps to Setting and Achieving Goals

4 Steps to Setting and Achieving Goals


This episode is inspired by the blog post, “Say No to New Years’ Resolutions and Yes to Goal Planning in 2015.”  In this episode, I discuss 4 steps you can take to start setting and achieving your goals. I also go into my lessons learned from these 4 steps that got me on the path to setting and achieving my goals.


Episode Recap

4 Steps to Set and Achieve Goals

1. Write it down

  • Be Realistic
  • Lifetick, an online goal setting and tracking tool.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

Specific = Does the goal clearly state what it will achieve?
Measurable = Will you know if you have achieved your goal?
Achievable/Action-Oriented = is this a goal which can actually be achieved or wishful thinking?
Relevant = Does this goal reflect your values in life?
Time Specific = When do you want to achieve this goal by?

2. Be held accountable

  • The differentiator when it comes to achieving goals.
  • Julien Gordon’s Guaranteed Goals accountability group.

3. Track the progress

4. Celebrate the achievements




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