Ingrid Murray: No Ordinary Caribbean Success Story

Ingrid Murray on Carry On Friends the Caribbean American Podcast

Success Murray

“When life give you lemons you have to make lemonade. It doesn’t need to be sweet, it just has to be drinkable.” ~ Ingrid Murray. 

Once you listen to this experience, you’ll instantly know that Ingrid’s quote isn’t just cliché, but she is speaking from experience. Life has presented many challenges but Ingrid Murray has been able to persevere and help others along the way. This is not your ordinary Caribbean success story. 

About Ingrid

Ingrid Murray is mother, wife, an accomplished enterprising entrepreneur, and distinguished businesswoman who currently serves as the President and Director of Facilities for Prospect Cleaning Service – a family owned company she runs with her husband Courtney Murray. Under her leadership, the Brooklyn based business has increased its annual revenue from 75K to over 1.5M.

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