Caribbean Americans Vote

Caribbean Americans Vote

The Caribbean Vote is Important

This is a special bonus edition of Carry On Friends the Caribbean American Podcast. This episode is a recording of the Virtual Town Hall – Caribbean Americans Vote: The Power of Our Vote and Voices in 2020 which occurred on Saturday, October 17th.

2020 is a critical year for democracy and the Caribbean American community.  As the United States  continues to grapple with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, several emergency measures have been put in place to protect public health and every eligible citizens’ right to vote in the November election. In response, we need to ensure our community has all of the information needed to vote safely in unprecedented ways, demonstrating the full power of the Caribbean American vote in what we know will be one of the most important elections of our time.

Please continue listening to this special bonus episode as the discussion helps Caribbean American voters

  • understand the overall impact they can have on this critical 2020 election
  • understand all options for safe voting amid COVID-19 as well as their rights as a voter
  • Have the resources on how to vote by November 3rd and where to find nonpartisan information on candidates/ballot questions
  • have information on how to join get out the vote and election protection efforts, even if they are not eligible to vote

You’ll hear from different speakers included Congresswoman, Rep. Yvette Clarke.

Voting Information

By making a plan to vote before the month is over, you’re exercising your power to effect change and make sure your voice is heard. 

We’re expecting a record breaking number of mail-in ballots this year, so it’s critical we help our election officials process our ballots quickly and efficiently by voting early – either by mail or at an in-person early voting location.

And don’t forget – we shouldn’t expect results on election night in states like FL, GA, PA and – that’s ok. We want election officials to count every vote.

Media Resources

You can also watch or share the event with other via CaribNation TV here:


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