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Leveraging Your Talent, Culture or Entrepreneurial Experiences at Work with Anthony Cole

I’m excited to welcome the multi-talented Anthony Cole on the podcast this week. Anthony hails from Trinidad and Tobago and leads the Critical People Programs for Amazon Music while pursuing a music career.

Anthony shares how he got started with music and how his music career evolved over the years. He talks about opportunities such as creating a music video and song for Amazon’s Bar Raiser Program, and the launch of his EP called Good Vibes only.

Through this conversation we get a glimpse at what it’s like to work at a company like Amazon. For several years, Anthony has been part of the leadership of their Black Employee Network. He explains how they focus on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. He also gives us a look at some of Amazon’s programs to help black owned businesses, including their Black Business Accelerator.

In this episode we get insights into employee resource groups, business resource groups, intrapreneurship and reverse mentorship program. Anthony also shares some of the challenges for smaller companies without an employee resource group, and what they can do to establish one. 

We discuss what it means to lean in and be part of the work culture. Anthony explains why doing so starts with having a mentor model and continues with being authentically yourself. He dives into what it means for him to show up as Caribbean in the workplace, and how we can do the same. 

Anthony shares his own experience during the George Floyd movement. He didn’t want to be the person to educate others on the experiences as a black person. But, soon recognized that it was an opportunity to educate, and that not doing it was more harmful than doing it.

Finally, Anthony and I talk about wrestling with being multi-passionate and the challenges of putting yourself out there on platforms such as LinkedIn. He gives advice on how to bring the duality of ourselves into spaces.

Before we wrap up, Anthony gives listeners a taste of his music. 

Key Points

  • Anthony Cole, from Trinidad and Tobago, is a musician and a Senior Program Manager for Amazon Music.
  • He shares how his musical journey has evolved through the years.
  • Anthony talks about the work of Amazon’s Black Employee Network, including their Black Business Accelerator.
  • He provides insights into intrapreneurship and the difference between an employee resource group and a business resource group.
  • Kerry-Ann and Anthony discuss leaning in and being authentically Caribbean in the workplace.
  • He talks about his own experience during the George Floyd movement.
  • Anthony talks about his struggle with being multi-passionate and how to put yourself out there.

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