Read and Carry On Book Review Business Made Simple by Donald Miller

Read & Carry On: Business Made Simple

Official Book Synopsis

It’s hard to be successful without a clear understanding of how business works. These 60 daily readings from New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller focus on the tangible skills it takes to offer extreme value to your organization while building your company, your career, and your legacy.

Business Made Simple is the must-have guide for anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed by the modern business climate, even if they attended business school. Learn what the most successful business leaders have known for years through the simple but effective secrets shared in these pages.

My Review

In the ever-evolving world of business, it can be difficult to find the right book for your needs. Actually you’ll need to read multiple books. Even more difficult is finding a comprehensive guide that provides all the necessary knowledge and tools to master various aspects of career growth and business management. Enter, Business Made Simple: 60 days to Master Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Execution, Management, Personal Productivity & More, an insightful book by accomplished author and entrepreneur, Donald Miller.

Business Made Simple is a step-by-step journey to uncovering the key principles and strategies used by successful business leaders. Divided into 60 concise and engaging chapters, this book takes readers on a 60-day journey, where a new concept is taught each day, accompanied by a companion video for further clarity and reinforcement. At the heart of Miller’s writing is a strong emphasis on practicality and applicability, which makes the book indispensable for not only entrepreneurs but also professionals looking to level up their careers. 

I’ve read other books by Donald Miller and what I love about his writing style is that it’s clear, approachable, and, most importantly, engaging. While other business books may overwhelm us with information, Miller eases the into each idea, providing relatable examples and powerful context to learn from. This is comes through even more clearly when I listened to the audiobook. At times, I caught myself at times saying “that is so simple”. This approach makes Business Made Simple stand out from the cluttered landscape of business books, as it ensures that the acquired knowledge turns into actionable steps for any reader.

The book’s true strengths lie in the themes explored and the way they are conveyed. Miller aptly breaks down complex concepts like leadership, management, and marketing into digestible components, guiding readers to develop their own roadmap to success. Furthermore, the book’s unique structure ensures optimal learning for those who are diligent in following its day-by-day format.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Business Made Simple to readers who enjoy business books and want to improve their management, leadership, or entrepreneurial skills. The book’s engaging writing style, practical approach, and comprehensive curriculum will not disappoint. For those who are ready to unlock their full potential and truly profit from their business or career, this is the definitive guide to get you started.

About the Author

Donald Miller is the CEO of Business Made Simple, an online platform that teaches business professionals everything they need to know to grow a business and enhance their personal value on the open market. He is the host of the Business Made Simple podcast and is the author of several books, including the bestseller Building a StoryBrand.


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