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Dementia Advocacy with Rianna Patterson

This week I am excited to welcome Dominican-born Rianna Patterson. Rianna is a multi-award winning TEDx speaker and the Founder of the Dominica Dementia Foundation. In this episode we learn about dementia, Rianna’s journey, and about the island of Dominica. 

Rianna founded Dominica Dementia Foundation at age 18 in memory of her grandfather who passed away from dementia. This organization is a youth-led dementia charity that raises awareness of dementia, provides emotional support to the families and caretakers, as well as facilitates research towards dementia.

Throughout this episode, Rianna gives us a comprehensive look at dementia. She explains what dementia is and its signs and symptoms. We discuss the perception of dementia in the Caribbean and how it has evolved over time. 

Rianna also talks about her journey running Dominica Dementia Foundation, pursuing an education in the UK and her desire to do more for the community. Added to this, she has a documentary film called Dementia: The Island Journey that officially comes out in June, 2023.

Before we wrap up, Rianna gives us a glimpse into what it is like to live in Dominica. She teaches us about Creole–the festive season in Dominica where they celebrate their heritage. I was also honored to highlight Dame Eugenia Charles who paved the way for other female leaders in the Caribbean when she led as Dominica’s Prime Minister. 

To support Rianna’s dream to further her studies with a master’s degree in dementia at UCL this September, click here.

Key Points

  • Rianna Patterson is the Founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation which is a youth-led charity focused on dementia.
  • Learn what dementia is, it’s signs and symptoms, and the perception of it in the Caribbean.
  • Rianna talks about her journey running Dominica Dementia Foundation, pursuing an education in the UK, and more.
  • Get a glimpse into Dominican-life, learn about Creole and Dame Eugenia Charles.

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