Be still & trust things will work out

sand dunes

A Different Type of Storm

Recently I had reason to feel like navigating my life is like surviving a sandstorm.  I live on a tropical island in the Caribbean and the only storms I know about are tropical storms or hurricanes that come with a lot of wind and rain.  Recent life events however painted a picture of small granules of sand and dirt forming a turbulent and suffocating cloud, threatening to obscure my visibility and threatening to do considerable harm.

In addition to protecting your eyes and nose from flying sand/dust and taking cover from flying objects, one of the tips to surviving a sandstorm is to stay still and let the storm pass. Sometimes a storm is simply too dangerous to make a move and staying still is the best way to survive.

Things Happen

storm clouds and rain

We have all been there. Everything is going just fine in our lives and it is easy to encourage ourselves and others to be positive, stay strong and rely on your faith. Then before you know it, one thing after another starts to go horribly wrong. With each negative outcome, your resolve towards staying positive takes a hit. You become angry, depressed and/or despondent and you forget the months of work you have done on developing a positive psyche.

Your resolve is not all gone, so now you start to apply logic and strategy towards fixing your problem. As each door closes, you find or make another one. You are bigger than your problems, so you keep fighting. Yet somehow, the fighting is not getting you anywhere and hopelessness spreads. Then a voice says “Be Still”.

Valuable Lesson

When life’s problems threaten to overwhelm you, Be Still. There is often a very valuable lesson to be learnt and the stillness of our mind can provide the clarity necessary for navigating life’s toughest challenges.


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The next time you find yourself burdened by challenges, stay firm in the belief that this too shall pass as no situation lasts forever.  Try to be still and trust things will work out. Life, growth and development are not static.  We are constantly evolving.  For those of you who have truly learned the value of having a positive outlook, hold on to it.  Refuse to continue fighting against the forces that are working counter of your desires.  Be still and allow the Universe to lead and teach you how to weather these storms.

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