Carry On Friends episode on Friendship

The Friendship Episode

In our latest episode, Kerry-Ann and Chris talk with Clive Williams and Mikelah Rose on friendships. 

Mr. Williams, a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist by profession, compared friendships with being on the same boat with others while going through both rough and calm waters. According to him, on this “boat,” you not only share the same experiences and challenges, but you must also face them together. 

In addition to poor communication, misunderstandings and inconsideration, Mr. Williams pointed to the fact that friendships typically dissipate due to promises not kept and expectations not met.

But, though challenges in friendships are inevitable, reconciliation is usually possible. We discuss methods such as mutual third party intervention, honest evaluation of yourself and the situation, and meeting others where they are, as ways to help bring reconciliation to struggling friendships. 

We also chat about friendships with the opposite sex. Although they can be strong, they are often not without challenges. Opposite sex friendships can impact romantic relationships, but clear communication is needed with all involved.

We learn that the depth of the friendship also impacts how quickly challenges are overcome. It is important for us to nurture the relationships that matter most, and do regular assessments or “check-ins” throughout our friendships. One of the major keys to improving our friendships is to learn from the experiences.

We also explore the impact that social media can have on friendships. We found that social media is often used as a channel to air problems publicly, rather than dealing with matters privately. Mikelah also explained the potential problems younger generations have in forming meaningful friendships due to social media.

Through this discussion, the audience is encouraged not to take the word “friend” lightly, but rather to be intentional in building lasting friendships.

Key Points

  • Friendships mean that we face the good and bad together.
  • It takes effort and work to overcome challenges in friendships, but it is possible.
  • Social media can have a negative impact on friendships. 
  • We must be intentional in developing true lasting friendships.
  • Nurture the friendships that matter most.

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