Article Roundup: Prepare For Success In The New Year

4 Steps to Setting And Achieving Your Goals

Studies show that:

  • Approximately 45% of Americans made New Year’s resolutions;
  • Only 8% were successful in achieving their resolutions;

Since the success rate is so low, why continue to make New Year’s Resolutions? There IS a better way to achieve the success you hoped to achieve by setting New Years Resolutions. So here’s how to say no to New Year’s Resolution and yes to goal setting by following the 4 Steps For Setting and Achieving Your Goals.


Accountability Is The Key To Achieving Your Goals

“Accountability is the difference between goal setters and goal achievers. It’s one thing to set goals. It’s another thing to set them in motion” ~ Jullien Gordon

Do you want to achieve more of your goals? Do you want more growth and progress whether in your career or business goals? If you want to accomplish your goals and get them done faster, you cannot do them by yourself.

When it comes to setting goals, most people are either overlooking or under utilizing this important step. Writing down goals is not enough to achieve your goals. The power lies in being held accountable by an accountability partner whether in the form of a coach, mentor, peer group or a committed friend.

Accountability IS the key to achieving your goals. 


These 3 Books Will Help You Get Clarity

I’ve been raving about these 3 books for over a year now. They’ve made a huge impact on me and everyone I’ve recommended them to who read them all said the same thing. So for the New Year I want to share this reading list with you.

If you’ve ever started off with a passion, get unclear, then doubt yourself. Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do or maybe you’re afraid to do what you want to do. So now you want to dare greatly more often. If you are thinking about entrepreneurship, you’re already an entrepreneur or you’re in your career then I highly recommend these books.  I promise you that These 3 Books Will Help You Get Clarity. 



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