Ep.19: Does Multi-Passionate mean you should be a Multi-Entrepreneur?

Mug with a list and pens does multi-passionate mean you should be multi-entrpreneur

Multi-Passionate – Multi-Entrepreneur

This episode of the Podcast discusses whether having multiple passions mean that you should pursue all of them as a business. Be WARNED, following your passion DOES mean you will have to work hard.

Your passion and skill-set are two different things. What you’re good or great at “doing” are your skills. Something that ignites emotion is what you’re passionate about. Figuring out where those two converge is the key to finding the right business to start.

You don’t have to be good at everything. You can have multiple passions, but [ask yourself] which do you feel are your priorities day in and day out. I would say write both down then ask a few trusted people “What do you think I’m good at? What do you I’m passionate about?” An external view will help you hone in on both.

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