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COF 033: Takeaways & Action Items – Confidence + Connections

Takeaways + Action Items

Takeaways & Action Items – a new mini series within the podcast. In the episode 32, I spoke about when too much learning hinders action and at the end of that episode I said that this episode would be dedicated to recapping some of the amazing lessons & action items from the past guests.


Episode 28 – Making Worthwhile Connections with Paul C. Brunson

  1. Get around people who are better than you.
    • Some of the issues in romantic, platonic and business relationships is a result of being “surrounded with other people who have poor relationships themselves…low standards…who don’t share your values…who are mediocre.
    • The more you surround yourself with mediocre people, the more mediocre you become and the less successful you’ll be in all your relationships.
  2. Start building/growing your social capital
    • The problem that multi-cultural entrepreneurs have is a lack of social capital.
    • Social capital is who you know and who knows you. This is your network in all directions – up, down, across etc.
    • The first step to building social capital is to connect with people who are very knowledgeable and have lots of resources.
    • There are some very key dos and don’ts when building social capital. (You can also listen to the full episode of Making Worthwhile Connections to hear more about the Do’s and Don’ts.)
  3. There’s an end point to most relationships.
    • You simply can’t maintain all relationships you have through your life.
    • The Dunbar Theory says the maximum people you can truly be friends with is 150.
    • It doesn’t mean burning bridges or cutting people out/off – instead be attentive to your active network because those relationships is where your opportunities come from.


Episode 31 – Developing Confidence with Chris Kazi Rolle

  1. Have a vision of for yourself
    • Knowing those people who’ve come before you that you admire. See what you can learn from them.
    • Living for a spirit of excellence. When you do you will always put your best foot forward and when you do that makes you feel confident.
  2. Assess your strengths and weaknesses
    • A lot of times the reason we lack confidence is because we are not really sure how good we are.
    • Awareness is key to assessing your strength and weakness.
  3. Don’t compare yourself
    • We’re always thinking about what someone else has and what we don’t have. When we do this it consumes our minds and leaves us feeling less confident.
  4. Be consumed with your purpose
    • When you’re focused on your purpose you are in action. You can be inspired but what others are doing as opposed to being jealous because your purpose is not the same as someone else’s. when you’re consumed with someone else you don’t allow space for yourself to acknowledge and celebrate yourself.

You can also listen to the full episode of Developing Confidence – The Struggle of You vs. You.


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