Ep. 32: Paralysis by Analysis – When Learning Hinders Action

a desk with pens and pencils when too much learning hinders action it's called paralysis by analysis

Paralysis by Analysis? – What’s that?

Paralysis by analysis shows up differently for most people. But generally it’s when more time is spent taking course, spending on coaches or doing excessive research before we take action.

It is common for entrepreneurs to seek out as much knowledge as possible to discover new strategies and tactics to take their business to the next level. Unfortunately, too much learning can also get in the way of your growth. Growth comes from taking action and risks on the things you’ve learned.

Key Points

  1. Too much learning can lead to information overload.
  2. Learning alone is not an overnight solution.
  3. Learning prevents action

Suggested Solutions

  1. Create a specific learning game plan, so you can better achieve your learning goals that will help you take the specific action you seek.
  2. Give self time to see the ROI (return on investment) before jumping from one learning initiative to another.
  3. Find an accountability partner, mastermind group.

Call To Action

As entrepreneurs and career professionals learning is an amazing opportunity that we all have but don’t let it distract you from doing the real work that needs to get done.


I do not want you to only consume content/information and not act on anything that you feel you can try. That’s not the purpose. At all times, I want to know How can I move you to act?

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