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Meet Eldonie Mason – Lawyer & Children’s Book Author

This episode’s guest is Eldonie Mason, a lawyer, entrepreneur and children’s book author. Eldonie and I have a fun conversation about the need for Caribbean culture to be embraced, business, and her first book.

We kick things off with Eldonie’s immigration experience. She was born and bred in Antigua and later migrated to America with a mission to become a lawyer. She believes that Caribbean people don’t come to America to be mediocre, and she has proved this to be true in her own life.

Eldonie gives us a look behind the scenes of her book, The Adventures of Princess Anyah of Antibarba: The Fishing Expedition. The award-winning book, which was inspired by her niece, is unique as it features a black, natural-haired Caribbean princess. Eldonie was very intentional to put Caribbean culture on display throughout the book process by using an Antiguan illustrator, and setting the book’s scene on a Caribbean island. Her book has gotten great reception not only in the black and Caribbean community, but across the world. 

One of Eldonie’s reasons for publishing the book is the fact that even though a large portion of blacks in America are of Caribbean heritage, we are still underrepresented. She also points out that much of the content that is consumed in the Caribbean is American. So, she saw the need to create her own Caribbean content and form a media company to help solve this problem. 

We hear a bit of Elondie’s journey as an entertainment, business and fashion lawyer. There are not many blacks or women in that space, yet she has been fortunate enough to break these barriers. She shares how her work has continued to open the door for many unique opportunities over time.

At the end of this episode Eldonie gives actionable career and life advice. She talks about where her confidence comes from and encourages others to embrace who they are too. On the business side, she strongly recommends that we know the industry we are interested in before getting into it. 

Key Points

  • Eldonie Mason talks about her book The Adventures of Princess Anyah of Antibarba: The Fishing Expedition, and how it embraces Caribbean heritage and features a black princess. 
  • There is a lack of content that represents the Caribbean both in America and in the Caribbean, and she seeks to help solve this problem.
  • She shares her experience as an entertainment, business and fashion lawyer.
  • Eldonie gives career and life advice.

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