Exploring Caribbean Identity & Culture with Maella Kancell on Carry On Friends the Caribbean American Podcast

Exploring Caribbean Identity & Culture

Maëlla Kancel is from the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe now living in Paris. She is the host of the podcast Karukerament, a podcast available in French and English – about the representation of the Caribbean in cinema and television. 

In this episode I chat with Maëlla about:

  • Growing up in Guadeloupe and her experiences as a French Afro Caribbean Woman.
  • Caribbean Identity & the struggle to define ourselves
  • What Dancehall can learn from K-Pop
  • How the Caribbean audience can propel our culture to be bigger.

References Mentioned

Caribbean Podcast Directory – September Podcaster Spotlight: Maëlla Kancel.

Zouk Music

Kassav – Most popular Zouk band from Guadeloupe. One of their most notable songs is Zouk La Sé Sèl Médikaman Nou Ni

Zouk song sampled by mainstream media without credit – “Spicy” by Diplo The zouk sample was “Vini Dou” composed by Joël Jacoulet.

Caribbean films

Le Gang des Antillais by Jean-Claude Barny – currently on Netflix about the Guadeloupean and the Martiniquan experience and disillusionment with France. 

Maëlla’s review of Ô Madiana by Constant Gros-Dubois

Read: Rise of Caribbean Films

Caribbean Film Academy

Stream platforms

Podcast Episodes

Carry On Friends Episode: American Born, Caribbean Raised.

Style & Vibes Episode discussing genre fusion in Reggae and Dancehall.


Since Guadeloupe is a territory of France, the official flag is the French flag. However, if you Google “Guadeloupe flag” you’ll find the 3 images below. According the Maëlla, the first flag is the new flag that Guadeloupeans are identifying with as part of their fight to be independent or recognized. It is designed by Misié Sadik.

Maëlla informed me that the 2 variations of flags at the bottom where the flags flown on Slave ships. Unfortunately, the blue version of the flag is what’s available as a flag emoji. As a result, as a Guadeloupean, Maëlla finds it hard “to drop her flag” when there’s a Caribbean social media roll call.

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