Flatbush Business Expo Series with Shaka & Chris on Carry On Friends

Flatbush Business Expo Series with Shaka & Chris

This episode of Carry On Friends features two more entrepreneurs at the Flatbush Business Expo.

First, I talk with Shaka McLennon of McLennon Business Management. Shaka is of Jamaican heritage and he offers services such as general accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, life insurance, life insurance and mortgages.

Shaka shares how his company helps both nonprofits and businesses apply for grants. In light of the pandemic, access to grants increased. However, many times individuals and businesses are unaware that grants are available, or they need assistance to apply for them. He explains some of the prerequisites of accessing these grants.

He also shares on business loans. Shaka explains that contrary to popular belief, if an LLC owner defaults on a loan they would still be responsible for repayment. So, he encourages business owners to be prepared to make it work in order to pay back loans, and to ensure that the investment is profitable from the start.

Then, I chat with Chris Ramlal who represents Trinidad and Tobago. She owns a new luxury massage therapy and wellness brand called Alphassage. She believes that true health is a balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Chris tells a bit of her story on how she went from being pre-diabetic and starting boxing to get healthy, to owning a business and massaging others. Though she first began massaging only fellow athletes, her passion to share relief expanded and she currently helps a wide range of people through her brand.

We end this week’s episode with some business advice from Chris. She encourages us not to focus on building the business specifically, but on helping people. She also suggests that we go with the flow and adapt. Lastly, in order to hustle, we have to be in good health so we should not view massages as a luxury, but rather a part of healing and self care. 

Key Points

  • Shaka McLennon of McLennon Business Management offers services such as general accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, life insurance, life insurance and mortgages. He sheds some light on nonprofit and business grants and business loans.
  • Chris Ramlal of Alphassage shares a bit of her journey of being pre-diabetic, turning to boxing to get healthy and starting a business. She gives entrepreneurs advice on how to succeed.

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