Ingrid Murray on Carry On Friends

Ingrid Murray Returns

I am very excited to have THE Ingrid Murray back as this week’s guest. She was a guest on Carry On Friends back in 2020 and her story has continued to inspire so many listeners. 

As always, Ingrid tells it like it is. In this episode she talks about running her award-winning, seven-figure company and balancing family challenges.

Ingrid holds accolades such as “Best Woman in Business in New York State.” And her company, Prospect Cleaning Services Inc., was named as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in 2022. But, while her business grew exponentially, she began facing challenges at home.

Ingrid gets real about her husband’s health challenges and how it not only affected her personally, but also affected the business. She even talks about the resentment and disconnect she began to feel for the company as she devoted more time to care for her husband. 

During her husband’s illness, the business began to experience the effects of her absence. She quickly learned that it was not equipped to scale without her. So, in order to get the business back on track, Ingrid had to make many difficult decisions which she shares with listeners.

Throughout this episode, Ingrid provides many valuable business and life lessons. She also talks about how her “why” has evolved throughout the years. 

As we wrap up this episode, we learn about her other entrepreneurship ventures, her not-for-profit, and her upcoming podcast, Broom to Heels. 

Key Points

  • Ingrid Murray returns to Carry On Friends to talk about running an award-winning company and how she balances family challenges.
  • She gets real about how she copes with everything that is going on.
  • Ingrid talks about the successes and failures of the company and what she’s doing to get things back on track.
  • In this episode, listeners get valuable business and life advice.

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