Jennifer Tomlinson on Carry On Friends the Caribbean American Podcast define race ethnicity and nationality

Real Talk about Race, Ethnicity & Nationality


This episode features guest Jennifer Tomlinson. When describing what she does, Jennifer would say, “She helps people find pathways to their aspirations through her strengths of communication and teaching”.  She is able to live for this purpose as a professor and interim dean of learning support at Valencia College. Jennifer is a product of the Pine Hills community in Orlando Florida, but also has roots in New York and Miami, and she is a proud descendant of Jamaican parents.

According to Jennifer a lot of times we use words interchangeable when they don’t really mean the same thing. And we end up having conversations that aren’t specific and nuanced enough to address a particular problem. And so in doing equity, inclusion and diversity work Jennifer like to set the stage by clarifying terminology including one of the difference between race, ethnicity and nationality.

This episode covers a lot including: 

  1. The true definitions of Race, Ethnicity and Nationality. 
  2. Intersectionality of Identity
  3. Discontent within the Black Diaspora (Caribbean, Black Americans, Africans)
  4. How to be an ally.
  5. And much more.

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