Helena Faustin

ThatNurseCanCook: Helena Faustin’s Flavorful Journey

When Helena Faustin, known to many as That Nurse Can Cook, entered the virtual studio for our podcast, we were ready to unwrap more than just her delicious Jamaican recipes. Helena’s story is one of culture, personal growth, and an evolution from private kitchen sessions to social media. Her story is a testament to the influence of her Jamaican roots, culture and the impact of authenticity in the ever-changing realm of online communities.

Her leap of faith was not only about sharing her recipes but also about following divine signs she believed were guiding her toward a larger purpose. Our discussion with Helena ventured into the realities of building an online presence—a journey filled with patience and persistence. It’s a path where immediate results are rare, and resilience is key. The importance of personal connection and the ability to pivot one’s approach in response to ever-shifting algorithms became clear. Helena’s experiences demonstrate that while the road to online recognition is fraught with challenges, it also offers valuable lessons in adaptability.

We also touched on the significance of rest and faith in managing the pressures of a growing social media presence. We delved into the necessity of scheduling downtime proactively and listening to the cues that our minds and bodies give us. It’s about recognizing that creativity needs time to recharge and that spirituality can play a role in balancing our work lives. Helena’s insights reminded us that rest is not an indication of laziness but a strategic part of maintaining a healthy and productive life.

Cooking, as Helena describes, is an act of love and community. The conversation also covered her exhilarating victory on a Food Network competition, which provided not just a sense of accomplishment but also self-discovery. Helena is now turning her focus to the business aspect of her culinary journey, emphasizing the need for structure in her entrepreneurial ventures.

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